English Profile

Kaori Takeshita is a Japanese film and theatrical actress. She graduated from the Kansai Arts Theater with an extensive training in acting. Beginning her career on the stage, Kaori appeared in numerous films and has showcased her incredible versatility as an actress, particularly known for portraying mothers. 
She played the main character in the movie “The Garden Apartment” directed by Umi Ishihara which was nominated at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2019 

•Natsuko (Directed by Shuna Iijima) Nominated for best short film at the Glasgow Short Film Festival (2021)
•SHELL and JOINT (Directed by Isamu Hirabayashi) 
Moscow International Film Festival(2020)
International Film Festival Rotterdam (2020)
Slamdance Film Festival(2020)
Göteborg Film Festival(2020)
•Erica38 (Directed by Yuichi Hibi)
Awarded the Special Jury Award at the London East Asia Film Festival (2019)
•Hide & Seek (Directed by Kimie Tanaka)
Toronto International Film Festival (2015)
Awarded the Grand Prix at the Shuardi Altrove Film Festival (2016)
•HAPPO-EN (Directed by Takayoshi Ohara, Yutaro Seki, Masayuki Toyota and Kentaro Hirase)